Creative Case:


In 2019 a member of our team began work on a complete digital redesign for Los Angeles base interconnect company Air Electro. With over 65 years of business, Air Electro needed to modernize its company and rebrand the way it existed online. This started with a blog update and redesign, then a social media overhaul, LinkedIn creation, SEO optimization, and analytical tracking and training, and finally a complete website redesign, as well as the creation of their first-ever e-commerce store.

Company Name: 

Air Electro Inc.

Designed Slogan:

"Connecting You to The Future"



These are the marketing VIDEOS we created to express the mission of the company via social and youtube



Air Electro presented us with a new and incredibly intricate challenge -
This was the first website that we worked on that included Magento and ax integration as well as a complete visual redesign.

website concept.JPG

first we started with a landing page as the company has not fully launched their branding yet.

then the exciting part - not only creating the first-ever

e-commerce experience that the company had ever had, but also integrating their inventory of hundreds of thousands of skus with magento.

website concept 2.JPG


as we had to rebuild their brand alongside the air electro team from scratch, great care was taken when establishing their social presence.

check out the other social profiles established for

air electro

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  • Instagram - Black Circle