The newest branch of the Infamousworks portfolio is our film division - Infamousworks Productions. 


Our first film, Sleep Sweet, was released digitally via live premiere on Youtube on April 17, 2020, with its trailer dropping on Youtube on April 10.

This first production was a black & white horror short film, written by Jae Patrick and his daughter Rya Emery.

The film was written, produced, edited, scored and distributed by members of the Infamousworks team.  We currently have almost a dozen films in various stages of development for digital release.

Sleep Sweet - 2020

Directed by: Jae Patrick

Starring: Jae Patrick & Rya Emery

Available on: Youtube

Plot: A father, home alone with his daughter, is taunted by an evil presence in his home after tucking her in for the night.



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