In addition to our social media management, SEO optimization, print and digital marketing, and podcast production; we at Infamousworks also take great pride in our publishing arm.  Since it's inception we have published two novels in both print and e-book format.  Our novel, The Topics of Heroes, won two literary awards.

The Topics of Heres Novela by Jeremy P Elder

The Topics of Heroes - 2006

Jeremy P Elder

Available on: Itunes, Amazon, Google Books

Winner: 2009 Independent Authors Award



Topics Too Novel by Jeremy P Elder

Topics Too - 2013

Jeremy P Elder

Available on: Itunes, Amazon, Google Books



" One of the single most fearless young writers in independent novellas today.  An overpowering novel filled with controversy, honesty, and subjects that are surely going to start a debate." -

" The most improved sophomore effort from an independent author in recent memory.  Praise to Topics Too." -

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