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Our Core Team.

Jeremy Elder, Owner and Chief Marketing Officer of Infamousworks
Natalie Skyy Podcaster for The Infamous Chronicles
Sean Collier Contracted Corporate Recruiter for Freelance Artists
Casey Moran Podcast Manager and Podcaster for Discussing Depression and The Infamous Chronicles
Julio Galvez Podcaster for Murder of Nerds, Owner of We Can Be Heroes Comics in Chatsworth, CA and Talent Management for Infamousworks
Allen Regimbal Producer with Infamousworks Productions
Chloe Pattel Financial Coordinator for Infamousworks
Paul Sinacori Operations Manager for Infamousworks
Linda Stout Social Media Coordinator for Infamousworks
Drew Patton Production and Podcast Support
Kayla Swank Contract Liason Between Infamousworks and Forest Ortho Pedo in Lake Forest, IL
Owner / CMO
Social Media
Film Producer
Contract Liason
Recruiter - Contract
Talent Management
Podcast Manager
Production Support
Kelly Elder, owner of Wisconsin Act of Kindness and Non-Profit Operations Manager for Infamousworks
Non-Profit Operations

In addition to the above-listed core team members, we have partnered with podcasters, authors, bloggers, comedians, editors, copy editors, writers, sound engineers, directors, producers, artists, and maniacs from around the world since 2012.

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