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Maladjustment - Officially Selected to the 2023 Star City Film Festival

Star City Film Festival selection 2023 logo

In 2021, Infamousworks began the journey of producing and distributing our third short film, Maladjustment.

The screenplay was written by two U.S. Army Veterans; Jae Patrick and Allen Regimbal. The pair met in 2004 during basic training at Fort Benning, GA, and have maintained a strong friendship since.

Two mean wearing COVID masks on a film set
Jae Patrick and Allen Regimbal behind the scenes on set of Maladjustment

Regimbal was raised in Sioux Falls, SD, and is now a resident of Shell Lake, WI. He has been acting in stage and film since 2016. His screen works include Bonejangles. 10/31, Scream Vermillion Lake, and In the Dark. In addition to acting, Regimbal has also written and produced several projects including In the Dark and Shadowmarsh.

Patrick has served as the host and producer of the award-winning The Infamous Chronicles series since 2013 and also produces shows such as Discussing Depression with Casey Moran, Weed Wednesdays, Maternal Instincts, and Murder of Nerds.

In 2015, The Infamous Chronicles won the Podomatic Best Independent Podcast series award. This award, along with adding comedian Casey Moran as a host and talent manager, helped to secure top-tier guests for the show. Past episodes have included Danielle Savre (Station 19). Taboo (Black Eyes Peas), Oren Peli (Paranormal Activity), Michael Kennedy (Freaky), Jonathan Lipnicki (Jerry Maguire), Steven Shea (Saving Supercon), Jason Belmonte (31x PBA Titles), Rodney Barnes (Killadelphia) Adam Huss (Power), Adam Bucci (Let it Kill You) and much more.

Patrick, a Los Angeles native who now resides in the Greater Chicago Area, has written and produced two short films prior to Maladjustment: Sleep Sweet, and I Think You Should. In addition to his screenwork, Patrick has also published two novels; Topics of Heroes, and its sequel Topics Too.

It was in fact the podcast, that led Patrick to Screamfest in 2021 in Los Angeles. This annual film festival is one of the largest horror film festivals in the United States. Patrick was attending with friends in support of the film Strangers in the Night.

Group of friends in the thirties standing in front of a promotional sign for Screamfest
Jae Patrick, wife Kelly Lynn attend the Screamfest in Los Angeles with friends Drew Patton, and Sean & Tami Collier

A particular film caught Patrick's eye. This film was Inch Thick, Knee Deep written, produced, directed by, and starring Anatasha Blakely. Patrick made a point to meet her after the show and invited her and her fiance, Jacob Sorling, who also produced the film, to be guests on The Infamous Chronicles. It was around this same time that Patrick pitched a short film idea to Regimbal and the two collaborated on writing the screenplay via email. Fast forward to Blakely and Sorling's interview on the podcast and Patrick mentioned he was finalizing a short thriller screenplay and Blakely commented on directing it. This is how Maladjustment was born.

The film was shot in January 2022, Simi Valley, CA (made famous later that year as the setting for the Academy Award-winning Everything Everywhere All at Once). The film stars Natalie Polisson as lead Abby and Allen Regimbal as her husband Ben. Maladjustment centers around a married couple who are confined to their home during COVID-19 and slowly begin to unravel. It went through a year of post-production until it was ready for submission.

Director Anatasha Blakely behind the scenes with Natalie Polisson and Allen Regimbal
Director Anatasha Blakely behind the scenes with Natalie Polisson and Allen Regimbal

In September of 2023, it was announced that Maladjustment had been officially selected for competition in the 2023 Star City Film Festival in Patrick and Regimbal's own state of Wisconsin.

Maladjustment, produced by Infamousworks, Abyssmal Entertainment, and Darkling Films, will hold its theatrical world premiere the weekend of November 10, 2023.

Film poster for Maladjustment
Film poster for Maladjustment

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