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the infamous chronicles podcast

In January 2018 Life & Annuity Masters in Simi Valley, CA contracted us to completely rebrand their company, recreate and modernize their website, launch websites for their partner brands, redesign and re-strategize their social media presence, create new logos, promo videos and educational material.


The Infamous Chronicles Podcast

Created Logos:


in addition to creating the logos for the infamous chronicles podcast series, we helped the show expand into three other spin-off series' and the accompanying logos for each one.


as in an in-house production, we really went all out in creating the website for our first produced seres - the infamous chronicles.

The Infamous Chroncles Podcast Home Page designed by Infamousworks

created a complete podcast website with guest highlights, social feeds, live spreaker feeds and interactive comment section for listeners to interract with the show.


what began as a single mic show, the infamous chronicles podcast evolved over its original five year run into a fully functioning podcast studio, and thus infamousworks productions was born.


Infamousworks was able to acquire publication and distribution on:

Over the course of our production of the show, we were able to build out a full-functioning production studio, with 8 mic stations, that would house celebrity guests like jonathan lipnicky, danielle savre, tracy fairaway, linney, adam huss, adam bucci, the other words, and more.


Social Media

in addition to production of their shows, infamousworks was also tasked with creating, maintaining and growing the podcast's social media presence.

Facebook Growth of Over 1800 Followers

Twitter Growth of Over 10.6k Followers

Instagram Growth of Over 14.2k   Followers

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