Creative Case:

WE Can Be Heroes Comics

Infamousworks partnered very recently with We Can Be Heroes comics to help them solve some digital branding issues and expand their reach of online sales during COVID-19.  We helped them to establish strong digital graphics for social media that made bold statements and established a branded identity. In addition, Infamousworks helped to establish partnerships with We Can Be Heroes and several succesfull podcast series that helped push their Instragram claim sales to new heights and save their business during the COVID-19 closures.

Company Name:

We Can Be Heroes Comics



These are the marketing we created to promote a new monthly toy fair held in the parking lot of their chatsworth location.



we helped WCBH to promote their 1st ever vendor toy fair called 'barter town'


one of our first assignments with wcbh comics was to help them fix their branding and digital identity as well as supply non-copyrighten photos. 

WCBH Branding

We Can Be Heroes Comics had an identity problem when we first met them and it was one of our first goals to help them resolve.

In addition to being warned about the usage of a photo and wanting to make sure that didnt' happen again, they wanted to create a clear identity that was fun, modern and most importantly would honor their name, which was named after the great David Bowie song. The majority owner of the company is obsessed with David Bowie and uses the lighting bolt to honor that legacy. We created a series of branding photos that we felt exemplified his desire to make a bold statement and hint at his love for Bowie.


we introduced the WCBH heroes team to local award-winning podcasts the infamous chronicles and murder of nerds to help host their sales.

creating partnerships

During the COVID-19 pandemic the entire planet was impacted. For local comic book shops, their impact was that the comics were no longer being printed and delivered. As such, many of these shops shifted to having "claim sales" on Instagram. These sales generated a lot of income but were dependent on the social following that the store had on their account.

To help We Can Be Heroes reach as wide an audience as possible we introduced the WCBH heroes team to local award-winning podcasts The Infamous Chronicles and Murder of Nerds to help co-host their sales.

The first of these partnered sales was a 12-hour labor dale sale in which the host of The Infamous Chronicles podcast split-screened the claim sale with the shop and hosted and interacted with thier viewers. The advantage of this is that the podcast hosted their half via their own account, which had over 20k followers. This empowered We Can Be Heroes to expose themselves to tens of thousands more people and their sales have been huge successes as a result.