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A volunteer smiling while holding a box of donations. There is a team of other volunteers behind him hard at work.

Philanthropic Practices and Theories

We believe in the power of giving. As a company whose sole purpose is to empower businesses to make the biggest impact, including the impact they have in their own communities, we want to put our money where our mouth is. Infamousworks proudly donates hundreds of hours a year to non-profit branding, web design, outreach and so much more.  We expect the team here to have this same passion.

Team & Organization Expectations

Organizational Contributions and Missions

Prayer House church logo
Image of a website displaying hands folded together praying over a bible.

Prayer House AG

In 2022, Infamousworks partnered up with Prayer House Assembly of God Church in Kenosha, WI to donate time and talent to help their mission.

The church was in need of support during their Sunday services in the means of visuals, audio control, video streaming and social media coordination. We have been there each week to make sure these are met.

In addition we volunteered to build them a new website, development digital tithing methods to help the chruch, create new logos and branding, help put on activies and shows, and to completely overhaul their social media.

Logo for Wisconsin Act of Kindness
An image of a webesit for a non-profit organization

Wisconsin Act of Kindness

Also in 2022, Infamousworks partnered with the Wisconsin Act of Kindness, a Wisconsin-based non-profit whose mission statement is: "We are committed to empowering kindness through acts, donations, and more."

We donated time and talent to build their brand from the ground up including branding, social media profiles, flyers, and logos. A member of our team took the cause to heart and volunteered as their Chair.

Our first mission with them was their 2022 Coat Drive, in which they partnered with Kenosha ECLA to gather coats from community donations to keep the disenfranchised warm this winter.

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