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Begining in 2008, under the now-defunct branding of JPE Marketing, we launched Infamousworks publishing with the publication of our first novel. From there, we have gone on to publish additional novels, blog articles, essays, short stories, and screenplays.

Topics of Heroes by Jeremy P Elder

Topics of Heroes

by Jeremy P Elder

These are the topics of heroes, these are the subjects of argument in this groundbreaking and controversial novela. You will be angered by much of the subject matter covered, but this will be because whether you like it or not you will relate to their anger.

Topics Too

By Jeremy P Elder

Braile Patrick wrote a controversial novella about a wild night he had five years ago with his close friends. Since then the book has gone on to sell over 1 million copies and his friends are coming out to celebrate. But not everyone is excited for him. Not everyone was happy with the way that they were represented in his book and a dangerous and deadly obsession has invaded his life from a friend of his past. After assaulting him and stalking his new family, Braile is running out of legal options to make this fan go away. On the night he is meant to celebrate his books milestone, his world, past present and future, will collide in a fatal evening he could have never expected.

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Waterfall in Thousand Oaks, CA

A Dad Outside

Camping Blog Series for Good Sam

In 2018 we were tasked with creating an engaging and ongoing blog series for the Good Sam subsidiary of Marcus Lemonis' Camping World.  Such was born the 'A Dad Outside' series, which to this day remains some of Good Sam's most viewed blog content.

Connector Corner

Blog Series of Air Electro

In 2019 Air Electro wanted to a way to increase audience engagement and their SEO reach.  Our proposal was to completely reimagine their blog - The Connector Corner. Our approach was to step beyond typical articles about their specific product line and instead incorporate industry-wide interest such as news about space exploration, movies about flight, new technology, etc. 

Since then, foot traffic to the website has increased by over 300%.

Souriau by Eaton medical connectors blog article on Air Electro